5 Time Saving Shortcuts in Autocad: Tips & Tricks

Everyone has a few go to autocad commandline shortcuts that they couldn’t live without.
I got to thinking today about exactly which ones are the most important in my day to day tasks.

Here is the list I came up with along with a description of what each one does.

In no particular order:

1. cntrl+1 : This command brings up your object properties box. Depending on how you have your workspace setup this one can be an important staple or only somewhat useful.

2. cntrl+shift+c : This brings up the copy with base point command. I personally use this shortcut all the time, especially useful when used to copy spatially referenced line work into another drawing. By using 0,0 as a base point and then again as the insertion point your linework will be inserted in the same location spatially in the new drawing.

3. pedit : Brings up polyline edit command. Edit, create, and modify polyline properties easily in the command line.

4. i : Simply brings up the insert window. Use this command to save time inserting blocks in your drawing. If inserting dynamic or attribute based blocks simply repeat to insert again and again.

5. z enter e enter : This one I guess is technically 2 combined. But it can be entered so quickly and easily it almost becomes a second nature. Z brings up the zoom command and E stands for extents. Pressing z enter e enter quickly zooms your drawing to show the extents of your entire drawing. Very useful for finding lost and runaway line work that may be hiding, as well as getting a full view of your project.


Now that you’ve checked out my five favorite Autocad quick commands, let me know what you think, or if you’ve got any to add!