Cool Tech: Tesla Solar Roof Tiles are Available to Order

It’s probably no surprise to most of you that I’m pretty obsessed with new technology, design and the future. So it only make sense that I’m a huge fan of Elon Musk and his various endeavors, especially when it comes to Space travel, but I’m also very interested in the development and future of smart homes and the eventual conversion to clean power sources like solar.  Which is why today is so exciting, Telsa has just officially made their new Solar Roof Tiles available for pre order on the Tesla website along with provided some more information about them.

A Netflix Show about Design – Abstract: The Art of Design

Depending when you read this, Netflix has just released or will be releasing a new show (a documentary series) about Design and I couldn’t be more excited to check it out and thought it would be a perfect fit for you my awesome readers, the designers, drafters, engineers, tech lovers etc.. that follow the blog. I only just heard about the show a week ago and was surprised I hadn’t seen anything earlier so I wanted to make sure I let you all know and at the very least shared the Trailer and a bit of info about it with you. On February 10th the first season of their new series Abstract: The Art of Design (produced by Wired’s former Editor-in-chief Scott Dadich) will be available to stream on the online service. If the tagline/description  “Step inside the minds of the most innovative designers in a variety of disciplines and learn how design impacts every aspect of life.” is anything to go by, I can already tell I’m going to be hooked from the start.  I’m a sucker for documentaries in general and a docu series focusing on design and the related technology couldn’t be more in my (and I assume yours as well) wheelhouse. The show is being described as similar to Chef’s Table (A cooking-focused series on Netflix that I’ve heard is great) except for design, covering fields like: Graphic Design, photography, shoe design, illustration and Car design to name a few. They’ve also been able to follow and talk to big names in each field including the designer of Air Jordans for Nike and a head designer as Chrysler. Check out the trailer below:

The Rise of Digital Drafting Tables: Microsoft Surface Studio & Dell Canvas

The Future of Drafting & Design It’s starting to look like 2017 could be the year where technology will finally catch up to what I’ve always dreamed of when I thought of drafting and design in the Future. Since I can remember I’ve wanted to have a “Digital Drafting Table” for working on designs at my day job or at home. My bucket list for this table consisted of a few key items like a touchscreen that’s adjustable to angles similar to a traditional drafting table, a high resolution display (for obvious reasons), a large (full size sheet ideally) screen, accurate pen/stylus recognition and software that worked specifically with it. I’ve always hoped and known this wasn’t a very tall order for a product, and new it would be available sooner than later. I actually attempted to piece together something similar with a monitor and an older wacom tablet years ago with decent results but it just wasn’t very useful or close to hand drafting. Now though, you can actually already get an all in one Pen/Touch Display from Wacom, the Cintiq and it looks really great, wacom currently has the best stylus recognition and smoothness so it’s worth checking out for sure, I know I want to try it out as soon as I can.

Cool Home Tech – Google Home in Canada!

Hey Everybody! How’s it going, hope you’re all off to a great new year and doing well? If you’ve been following the blog or reading the newsletter for a while, you’ll probably know I’m a huge fan of technology in general and especially smart home tech, which is why I was super excited and disappointed at the same time when I watched the Google live stream where they unveiled the Google home last year. It looked awesome to me and was exactly what I have been waiting for, a smart hub that can control all of my chromecasts, my security camera, and my future nest thermostat (I haven’t picked one up yet but its on my must have list hah). I had been on the fence of getting an Amazon Alexa but the lack of Google integration, specifically my cast devices had been holding me back even though I loved the prospect of a smart home hub that could help organize my day to day and would get the Alexa in a second if I hadn’t already gotten all of the google smart tech. So when I heard the features of the Home I was basically sold on it right away! My excited didn’t last long though, it wasn’t long after the announcement that I was looking a release dates and prices when I found out it wasn’t going to be released in Canada upon launch and there wasn’t an exact date for Canada either, I was immediately disappointed I couldn’t get one. Well flash forward to earlier this month, my 31st. birthday (January 2nd) to be exact , and I had received some money to spend on myself for something fun. The first thing that instantly came to mind was the Google Home, I started googling for the release date in Canada and how to pre-order it at the very least when I came across a thread on a Canadian message board that mentioned that B&H Photo might have some google home devices in stock with free shipping to Canada, Score!

Best Workstation for AutoCAD & Engineering in 2017? – Custom @Xi Computer Workstation

Hey Everybody! First of all, Happy New Year! I hope you had a great holiday and enjoyed some time away from work with family, I know I did and I’m feeling good and refreshed. Today’s post is a cool one, a little bit of back story quickly. A month or so ago I reached out to a handful of smaller custom CAD & Engineering computer makers with a proposal that we would work together in specing and building the best all around Engineering/CAD PC for 2017, the requirements were pretty straight forward. Here are the Basics: The PC needed to be able to easily handle 3D Cad (ie. Civil 3d, Inventer, Solidworks etc..). If needed to be able to easily handle video editing/production (this one was for more for me to compare it to other machines since I make a quite a few videos for the youtube channel). Also helpful when working with something I’m really excited about, drone data/footage (coming in future videos!). It needed to be relatively quiet (will be spending many hours next to it), as well as boot up quickly (this is where the SSD came into play). and finally I wanted it to be VR capable for some future project and being able to test out some new tech as well as the occasional gaming video/live stream 🙂

4 Tips to Staying Active with a CAD Desk Job

Hey everybody, hope you’re all doing well and off to a great start to the school year if you are in school or enjoying the start of football season like me (I spent Sunday watching the Seahawks and building a stroller in prep for our first baby:)!) Both of those actually lead in to today’s post which is about making an extra effort to stay active and healthy while working at a desk job or sitting in classes like most of us do. As a designer, engineer or drafter most of our day is spent either sitting at a desk or possibly standing around the office or on site, we have very little activity and movement built in to our jobs. Add on to our sedentary jobs the fact that like me, most of us are interested in gaming, watching movies or just computers and tech in general and it makes it even more difficult to stay active as a designer/CAD user.   Not only can being sedentary cause health issues and lead to more sick days but it can leave us feeling unmotivated, having poor posture and feeling tired earlier in the day. So, in order to help step up our activity level and to feel better in general I have 4 tips that I’ve found help keep me active while not taking too much time out of my daily productivity. Take a look at the points below and leave a comment below telling me what your favorite way to stay active is?

Cool Home Tech – The Beseye Pro Home WiFi Camera

Hey everybody, Brandon here back with another video and post for you guys. I’ve been hoping to start inter mixing/alternating the posts and videos I do between pure “Autocad” and design tutorials, and then also making some videos that have to do with Cool technology. Mostly focusing on gadgets and tech that help us as CAD designers and users but also including cool Home Tech since a lot of us are tech geeks/enthusiasts as well as work from home. So why not take a look at interesting tech for our homes, home offices etc.. So, in todays video I was lucky to be sent a Beseye Pro Home Wifi camera to unbox and show off to you guys! Like i mentioned, I’ve been super interested in smart home tech for quite a while now and am really hoping I can introduce you guys to some cool products and tech I like and am looking forward to in the future. With a new baby on the way and my wife being home along more in the future, she and I are very interested in setting up a home security camera to keep an eye on things and the Beseye has really been easy to use and helpful so far.