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Finally… an easy to follow and step-by-step course to help drafters create professional, consistent and visually appealing drawings over and over again

Introducing “Create Better CAD Drawings”



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For the first time ever, I’ll walk you through the complete workflow I use to create new drawings and projects in AutoCAD.

Using easy to follow videos I will show you exactly how I use:

  • Sheet Sets – Creating sheet sets, customizing them, automating title blocks using sheet set fields, importing exisitng drawings into them, and more…
  • Annotative Text – This is one of the most requested topics I have had on my videos and blog. I will cover in depth, how to use Annotative text, creating an Annotative Text style, adding custom scales, incorporating it into your layouts/viewports and everything in between
  • External References – I go over how to add various file types to your drawing as xrefs, how to find out if a drawing you’ve been sent contains xrefs, and if so how to fix and remap broken references, how to clean up and modifiy xrefs using layers and editing as well as how to quickly create xrefs of your own.
  • Layout and Paperspaces – creating Layout and Paperspaces that are always consistent and look great, using multiple viewports, custom fields, and making professional looking drawings every time.

I’ll also go through creating a drawing from start to finish in a complete workflow tutorial, where we use everything you’ve learned in the previous modules.

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Not sure if the course is right for you? Keep Reading

Who is this course for?

The CBCD (Create Better CAD Drawings) course is for any drafter, designer, or engineer who wants to step up their AutoCAD Skills quickly and easily.

In a very short time I will teach you best practices and workflows that will save you hours of drafting time. You will learn how to properly use AutoCADs more advanced and often under used features and commands like Sheet Sets and Annotative Text, dwt Drawing Templates and External References.

If you have the basic Autocad skills down but are looking to advance your career and knowledge in CAD then this course will be a perfect fit!

Who is this course Not for?

If you’re a seasoned AutoCAD Veteran, then this course is probably not the right fit. Don’t worry though I’ll be coming out with even more advanced tutorials in the future.
If you already use sheet sets, custom dwts and automated fields then that’s awesome and you are already ahead of the curve:)

If you are still a very new beginner to CAD (if you have just started learning and don’t know what an xref is, or haven’t begun producing any drawings yet) this course might be too advanced for you and my other tutorials on my youtube channel might be a better place to get started before you move on to advanced techniques.

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What are you going to get right away when you register?

As soon as you purchase, you will get immediate access (via a username and password sent to your email) to “Create Better CAD Drawings” – the full online training.

– Lifetime access and login 24/7 (the course is all digital and online so you can login to access the content and download the bonus files anytime)


– Detailed step-by-step videos, split into 5 distinct and easy to follow modules (you can work at your own pace!)

– Bonus downloads: Including a custom .dwt Drawing template and exclusive CBCD Title Blocks (over $90 Value)

– Access to comment/discussion threads below each module so you can ask questions, get help and share knowledge with other like minded CAD users

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Here’s how the Course is Laid Out


Module #1: Sheet Sets
– Creating sheet sets from start to finish
– Customizing sheet sets with your own fields
– Using fields and automating title blocks using sheet sets
– Importing existing drawings
– Printing from your Sheet Sets and more..

Module #2: Annotative Text
– The benefits of Annotative text
– How to create an Annotative Text style and Dimension Style
– Adding custom scales to your drawing
– Incorporating annotative text into your drawings and more…

Module #3: External References
– The benefits and uses for External References
– How to add External References to your drawings
– How to fix broken xrefs and avoid issues
– How to clean up and modifiy xrefs once they are in your drawing
– and more…

Module #4 Layout and Paperspaces
– Creating Layout and Paperspaces that are always consistent and look great
– Using multiple viewports
– Working with custom fields
– Scaling and making professional looking drawings every time

Module #5 Workflow and Bringing it all together
– Using a consistent workflow to create drawings quickly
– A complete walk through from start to finish of creating drawings, sheet sets, viewports, annotative text, scaling and printing!

Bonus Video #1
Walks you through using a folder structure and organizing your drawings

Bonus video #2
Walks you through how to create a custom .dwt template + you can download the finished .dwt

More Bonuses:
– Get exclusive Templates for sheet sets, Title blocks and more.. (over $90 Value)
– Discussion and your questions answered in the comment areas below each video

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Because this is the first time “Create Better CAD Drawings” has been available, I will be on hand to support you and answer questions as you go.

Not that I think you’ll need it – but I’ll be here to keep you on the straight and narrow. Here’s how:

Technical Support: any technical questions with your course access or functionality, reach out any time for an answer and I will get right in touch.

And, of Course…

Lifetime updates! If the course ever needs an update or new videos, you’ll be grandfathered in at the current price and you’ll never pay a penny for updates to the CBCD course!

So Now You’re Thinking: “How do I Get Started?”!

How much will I need to invest in “Create Better CAD Drawings”?

You could try to figure it out on your own and spend thousands, on courses, seminars and hundreds of hours of frustration and slogging on your own, but why… CBCD will only cost you a fraction of that time and expense.

For the full “Create Better CAD Drawings” step-by-step course you would normally be paying a total of $397  but for a limited time we are offering a Back to School ($100 off) special and opening up the course for just $297

And yes – you get full access to all the materials right away.


enroll nowOr, use the 3 Month Payment option of $110 /Month for three months

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brandonMy name is Brandon and I’m the founder/creator of CAD Intentions, a blog and video channel (with over 1.5 million views) for AutoCAD enthusiasts & beginners alike. I love designing in AutoCAD and have been for over 10 years! I started CAD Intentions to be able to share tips & tricks I’ve picked up along the way and to help teach them to others.





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enroll now

Or, use the 3 Month Payment option of $110 /Month for three months

And yes – you get full access to all the materials right away.