Best Mouse For CAD (2022 Edition) – AutoCAD & Design Gear Guide

I’m excited to kick off this year’s AutoCAD/Design Gear Guide with my picks for the Best Mouse for CAD!

Every year or two I like to do a series of roundup posts highlighting and sharing some of my favorite tools and hardware for AutoCAD and Design in general.
Today we are taking a look at some of the Best Mice on the Market for CAD, many of these I’ve used over the last few years and some are highly recommended by fellow designers and users alike.

I’ve written previously about specific specs and features to look for when choosing the right mouse for AutoCAD and design here (CAD Gear Guide), in that article we go over some of the key things to look for when choosing your next ‘daily driver’ mouse.

The one issue with calling or choosing the Best CAD mouse is that mice, along with many other peripherals (keyboards, headphones in particular) are that there is no one size fits all options. Sure there are always a few top-of-the-class and generally recommended options but it’s rare, if not unheard of that a single Mouse or piece of hardware is “the BEST”.

We don’t all fit the same mold and neither do our mice preferences, especially when it comes to ergonomics, wired/wireless preference, accuracy/dpi, Left Handedness (Like myself), or even just overall aesthetics.

With all that in mind, I like to share some of my favorite Mice for AutoCAD and Daily Use each year, including a few options from a variety of types.


So, in no particular order here are my “Best CAD Mouse” picks for 2022:

3D Connexion – CAD Mouse Compact Wireless:

The CAD Mouse Compact Wireless, had been my daily use mouse for the past 2-3 months now and I am a big fan of it and many of its features.
I like the ergonomic feel and comfort when holding/using this mouse for long periods, I’ve found the smaller/compact size to be more comfortable than the standard size CAD Mouse by 3D Connexion, fitting my use better not only at the office or desk but also especially when travelling with it.

Battery Life has been great so far and I really like the additional buttons and dedicated radial menu center button. I would also highly recommend their accompanying mouse pad, using the two together feels buttery smooth when drafting in particular.
Buy the CAD Mouse Compact Wireless here (Amazon)

Logitech – MX Master 3:

The MX Master 3 is the newest version in Logitech’s line of professional mice and from what I can tell, the most popular mouse line for the past handful of years. You would be hard-pressed to go into any design, engineering or professional office and not find the majority of the workers using one of the MX Master mice.
There really isn’t much criticism for these mice and I can say that my MX Master 2 is the mouse I’ve used the most over the last 4 or so years and the longest I’ve used any single mouse in my life.

One thing I miss most for whatever reason having switched to the 3D Connexion mouse is the top button to release/freewheel the scroll wheel. I still find myself going to use that feature on any mouse I’ve used since and I wish it was a standard option on every mouse now haha.

Another great feature of the MX Master 3 is the move to USB-C for their charging cable, many newer laptops and even PCs have fewer and fewer standard USB ports, and having to deal with dongles is always a pain.
Buy the MX Master 3 Now (Amazon)


3D Connexion – CAD Mouse Pro Wireless:

The CADMousePro Wireless is the bigger brother version of the Compact mouse from above. I really enjoy using this mouse as well, but a few things have pushed me to choose the smaller compact version the majority of the time instead.
Again this is personal preference-based, since I find the Pro version to be just slightly too wide for my comfort.

In many cases, I find myself accidentally clicking the middle mouse button when trying to right-click, but if you have larger hands or prefer the additional size and feel then everything I enjoy and love about the CAD Mouse applies to this version as well!

At only $20~ difference from the Compact, both are great and CAD specific Mouse options that I will continue to use and recommend to my friends/colleagues for years to come.

One other point to note is the lack of USB-C for charging, both for the PRO and Compact versions of the wireless CAD Mouse. Not a deal breaker by any means but certainly something to consider.

Buy the CAD Mouse Pro Wireless Now (Amazon)

Logitech – MX Ergo Trackball Mouse


I couldn’t have a CAD Mouse list without including one of the most popular Trackball style mice. The MX Ergo Trackball Mouse is highly reviewed and regarded as a great option for those designers that prefer the Trackball feel and style for drafting.

It has a lot of the same great features and ergonomics as the MX Master series while also including the ability to use the trackball for less wrist/arm movement throughout the day. In turn, helping with fatigue and repetitive stress that is oh so common in the industry.

Check out the MX Ergo Mouse here if you’re a Trackball fan (Amazon)



Logitech – MX Vertical Wireless:

I wanted to include a vertical style ergonomic mouse on this year’s list since I’ve heard great things and have been wanting to try one since a friend and coworker started using one around the office last year. Just seeing one of these is certainly intriguing, and you can’t argue that it does seem more ergonomic to have your hand/wrist in a more natural upright position for extended periods of time.

This mouse is on my list to try in the next year, I will certainly update this post if I do get a chance to use one for an extended period of time.

Check out the MX Vertical Wireless Mouse here: (Amazon)




That’s all for this year’s list of my favorite/best CAD Mouse for 2022. I hope you enjoyed the list and I would love to see in the comments what mouse you’re currently using daily and why?! Let’s build out a list of all the CAD Intention readers/subscribers’ favorite CAD Mouse too!

These are just a few of the Mice I recommend and have been recommended for AutoCAD and I’d love to continue adding to the list this year as well as hear your suggestions!


That’s all for today, I hope you all will continue to check out and enjoy my posts lately, they have been a ton of fun to work on and I’m excited about more. Be sure to subscribe and follow on Twitter @cadintentions to keep up to date and be the first to get updates as well as sign up for the newsletter here: Signup Here (CAD Intentions Newsletter).

As always, thank you so much for reading and watching, I am super excited to be back and posting regularly on the blog and hope you all will follow along.

Cheers and happy drafting!


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