Making a Simple Floor Plan in AutoCAD – Must Know Time Saving Tricks & Shortcuts

Hey All,

It’s hard to believe we’re already in March, it seems like just yesterday we were setting New Year resolutions and in the midst of an unusually warm winter.

With March comes spring and typically around here that means renovations, spring cleaning, and general organizing/re-arranging. One thing I’ve always taken for granted in my day-to-day life is the ability to quickly sketch or draft up a floor plan, site plan, or even landscaping plan to help visualize, budget, and prepare for my spring projects!

Whether we’re designing an entire new home floorplan, measuring out a playhouse, or simply want to recreate our bedroom for easier interior decorating/planning, a Floor Plan is a Must-have drawing to get started!

That’s why I’m so excited to share today’s sponsor (Rayon) a simple Floor Plan/Design app that’s free and browser-based, along with today’s new video tutorial!

You’ll learn some more about Rayon in the video but I’ve been using it recently and have loved creating quick and easy Floor Plans/Interior Designs with it!
We can even use it in conjunction with AutoCAD (.dwgs) to really improve the look and feel of our Plans, plus it’s FREE

Check out Rayon now for free here:
Thanks to Rayon sponsoring today’s video!

Onto today’s video, as I mentioned earlier in it we are creating a simple floor plan in AutoCAD from scratch in just a few minutes. Throughout the video we touch on a ton of little tricks and commands to help save you time as well as walk through the initial steps to get your floor plan set up, dimensioned, and ready to start designing in.

Plus I share one of my favorite timesaving tricks for any type of AutoCAD drawing, how to create a quick custom tool palette!

And you can even Download my Example File for Free!!

Check out Today’s video here:
Making a Floor Plan in AutoCAD Tutorial – Must Know Timesavers & Commands!
That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed this week’s email and I would love to hear what you think, have you Tried out Rayon yet? I know I’ve enjoyed using it so far!
Be sure to let me know by hitting reply or on twitter @cadintentions !  As always, thank you so much for reading and watching, I am super excited for the rest of the year, growing the content, tutorials, and blog with you all. 

Cheers and happy Drafting!
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