13 Tips, Tricks and Must-Haves when working from home: Designers, Engineers and Professionals

Hey Everybody, Welcome back to the blog, since today is Friday the 13th and with all of the news and concern surrounding Coronavirus, I wanted to take some time to share 13 of the best tips and must-haves for Designers, engineers and professionals in general that are either new to working remotely/from home or […]

Plex Earth

Plex.Earth Update: Plex.Earth is working to bring on-demand Satellite Imagery to AutoCAD

Update: Plex-Earth 5 is available now and to celebrate its launch, we’re giving away 5 Five-month Licenses right now! Enter the Giveaway here for your chance to win one! https://gleam.io/tGNyz/plexearth-5-1-of-5-fivemonth-licenses Hey everybody, In today’s post, I wanted to share an interesting updated from Plex.Earth that I think could be a huge advancement for the future […]