AutoCAD Custom Dimension Style Setup Imperial & Metric! – Dimension Style Tricks | 2 Minute Tuesday

Hey Everybody,

I hope you’re enjoying some reasonably warm and comfortable summer weather where ever you are!

Here in BC, Canada we are still experiencing some hotter than normal temperates and unfortunately a scarier than usual fire season…

Today I wanted to share this week’s new video which is one of my favorites in recent memory along with a limited-time Summer sale on all of my courses and title blocks here on Gumroad where you can take 15% off any of the products on my Gumroad page with the code summer at checkout. Including my newest course AutoCAD Fundamentals & Workflows in a Hurry!


Jumping into the new video, today we are taking a look at how to quickly and easily create a custom dimension style that can display two different units at the same time. Whether you need to show Imperial and Metric units or simply two imperial or metric units at the same time, like mm & m, this trick will get you up and running in no time!

Check out today’s video below

AutoCAD Custom Dimension Style Setup Imperial & Metric! – Dimension Style Tricks | 2 Minute Tuesday


That’s all for today’s quick Autocad Tip, I hope you all were able to take something away from it and able to add a new tool to your CAD toolbox!

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Cheers and happy Drafting!

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