An AutoCAD Cheat Sheet and Being More Productive

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When it comes to drafting and especially freelance cad work there are so many ways to save yourself time and in return make more money that it’s hard to implement them all without feeling overwhelmed at times.

I’ve always found it easiest to pick one or two productivity tips to focus on and make sure they have become second nature to me before trying to add any more. This way you will slowly train yourself to be as efficient as possible whether it’s at work or in day-to-day life.

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A Productivity Resource:
Today I’d like to share a cool productivity resource that a fellow CAD Freelancer has shared with me. I’ve included an excerpt from Brians post below:

The mouse is death!! This is a phrase I’ve heard, in reference to one working efficiently on his computer. What it means is, given the choice between using your mouse to execute commands vs. using keyboard shortcuts to execute commands, it is often times quicker to use keyboard shortcuts. I’ve found this rule of thumb to be true when using different computer software applications, including when using AutoCAD.

The AutoCAD Cheat Sheet

As a help to anyone interesting in learning keyboard shortcuts, I’ve created the AutoCAD Cheat Sheet. It is a list of what I consider to be the most useful command aliases for doing generic drafting in AutoCAD. If you don’t know, the command aliases are AutoCAD command keyboard shortcuts.

autocad cheat sheet

Click the cheat sheet to see it in full size. Right click on the cheat sheet, and then select “save image as” for saving it to your computer.

I went through the acad.pgp file to create this cheat sheet. The acad.pgp file is the program parameters file. It contains the external command and command alias definitions. To find out more about the acad.pgp file, go to your AutoCAD Help.

Tip: The F1 key is the keyboard shortcut for launching AutoCAD Help.

To read more from Brian Curran a fellow freelance drafter check out his site at :
I’d like to thank Brian for this resource and wish him the best of luck.


Thanks for reading and happy Drafting!

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