The best Mouse for AutoCAD – My favourites for 2020

Hey Everybody,

I hope you’re all doing well and off to a productive week so far! I realized it had been a while since I’ve updated my favorite AutoCAD mouse list here on the blog or even on the youtube channel and thought today would be perfect for a quick update and some recommendations I’ve gotten over the years.
I won’t go too into detail on the technical details or criteria I like to use for picking a mouse for CAD, I’ve already written about the key features and options to look for here on my older post: What is the Best AutoCAD Mouse? (2016 Post).  Another reason I don’t go too into specs is because mice are something that can be very specific to a user’s preferences. Ergonomics and the general feel of a mouse and it’s buttons will take precedence over the accuracy, looks, and even battery life/wired options for most users.

With that said let’s take a look at some of my favorite mice for AutoCAD right now:

  • Logitech MX Master 2S:

I’ve been using this mouse now for almost 2 years and I can honestly say it’s been the best mouse I’ve ever used. This goes for AutoCAD as well as for a daily driver.
The MX Master 2S is widely regarded as one of the best mice available and I agree fully. It’s weighted well, and super comfortable to hold. The additional buttons can be customized to your liking and the adjustable scroll wheel can be a gamechanger. It’s tough to use average mice after using this one for any amount of time.

It’s a little pricey but certainly worth it if drafting/cad and generally being on a PC is your day job!

Amazon Link – Logitech MX Master 2S:


  • Logitech MX Master 3:

It only makes sense that the newest version of the MX Master is on the list. The MX Master 3 is newer than the 2s and will more than likely be my next mouse once mine dies or starts to become finicky after years of daily use. The 3 takes everything great from the 2S and improves on it, while currently being roughly the same price as the 2S.

Amazon Link – Logitech MX Master 3:


  • 3D Connexion CAD Mouse:

This wouldn’t be a CAD Mouse roundup if I didn’t mention the 3D Connexion CAD Mouse, it’s the mouse specifically designed for CAD users. The CAD mouse has been on my list of mice to try for a few years now and I don’t have a good reason why I haven’t picked one up yet other than I don’t have any issues or complaints with my current mouse. I’ve heard a lot of great things about the #D Connexion CAD Mouse and I have quite a bit of experience with their Spacemouse Pro/Enterprise products. If you are an Inventor user I highly recommend the Spacemouse line, once you get past the learning curve you’ll never want to be without one when modelling.


Amazon Link – 3D Connexion CAD Mouse:

And the Spacemouse Pro/Enterprise if you work with Inventor/Fusion etc..:


  • Logitech MX Ergo Trackball Mouse:


I couldn’t finish this list up without at least mentioning a Trackball style mouse. The MX Ergo Trackball Mouse has great reviews and I’ve heard good things from colleagues and friends that still swear by trackball mice. If you like the features and useability of Trackball mice, the MX Ergo is certainly worth a look. I can also be a great option for those that have wrist issues and put in long hours on the computer.

Amazon Link – Logitech MX Ergo:

These are just a few of the Mice I’ve recommended and been recommended for AutoCAD and I’d love to continue adding to the list as well as hear your suggestions! Let me know which mouse you’re using and how you like it in the comments below.


That’s all for today, I hope you all will continue to check out and enjoy my posts lately, they have been a ton of fun to work on and I’m excited about more. Be sure to subscribe and follow on twitter @cadintentions to keep up to date and be the first to get updates as well as sign up for the newsletter here: Signup Here (CAD Intentions Newsletter).

As always, thank you so much for reading and watching, I am super excited to be back and posting regularly on the blog and hope you all will follow along.

Cheers and happy drafting!

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