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Brandon here and in todays post I’m going to do a quick recap of what’s new in AutoCAD 2017 as well as which feature I’m most excited for and to try out. If you were hoping for a new video tutorial, I plan to have a new one up a little later this week so be sure to check back and follow me on twitter  @cadintentions for updates.

Let’s get started:

What’s new in AutoCAD 2017:

According to the autodesk website there are 38 features that have been improved or added for the 2017 release of autocad.

I’m going to focus on a quick breakdown of the 8 New features since new features are typically what would drive me or any designer to upgrade and learn a new version of autoCAD.
If you’re impatient and just want to try it for yourself right now, you can get a free trial download of AutoCAD 2017 here: AutoDesk Autocad 2017 Trial link:
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So in no particular order here are the new features for 2017:

1: Smart centerlines and center marks:
Basically there is now a box in the annotate ribbon for Centerlines allowing you to quickly add a dynamic center mark or centerline to an object.Meaning if you move/adjust the associated object, your center marks and lines with move with it.

A similar feature has been available in other software including inventor for a while now and it’s a very welcome addition. I can definitely see this saving me time in the future.

2. Coordination model (Enhanced):
I am mostly a civil 3d designer and don’t use Navisworks or BIM 360 Glue, but apparently this feature will allow you to directly attached and view models from either of those software packages inside of Autocad. I’m sure this will be useful for those of you who use or receive files from Navisworks or BIM 360 Glue.


3. AutoCAD 360 Pro Mobile App:
Simple, AutoCAD 360 Pro is now included with your autoCAD subscription. Basically a mobile slimmed down version of autocad.


4. Share Design Views:
Now you can share your 2D and 3D CAD drawings in the cloud. Your reviewers don’t need a login or even an AutoCAD-based product to view your drawings, and they can’t alter your source dwg file.


5. Migration Tools (enhanced):
Migrate your custom settings and files with ease from previous releases. Your settings are auto-detected, and you choose which ones to migrate. This one is definitely useful, but also something that should have been included for a while now. Why wouldn’t a program migrate your old settings when you upgrade to the newest version?


6. Autodesk Desktop App:
A new app for the desktop that helps you keep up to date on software updates, tutorials, tips, content libraries, etc.. I won’t know until I try it out but this could definitely be helpful.


7. 3d Printing (enhanced):
So this one is my second most anticipated on the list, If you are subscribed to my email list you would probably know I’m really into 3d printing and am actually looking to do a video series on printing tutorials and designing for 3d printing. I’d like to get more CAD drafters into 3d printing and to see how helpful it can be. Now the actual updates in 3d printing for autocad aren’t exactly clear, but apparently we can now send 3d models to an external 3d print service or install a Print Studio Tool and connect to a 3d printer to speed up the process. I’m much more interested in the later and am looking forward to testing it out.


8. Import PDFs:
Alright, this is my most anticipated new feature in Autocad 2017. for years I have used various software and work around to be able to import PDFs into my autocad drawings. Whether it’s simply to trace something, or to extract linework that I don’t have the .dwg file for, this is a huge feature and something almost every drafter has wished was included and works well. Per the release, the feature (shown below) allows us to import geometry, text, and raster images  from a pdf file or underlay them into our drawing as an actual autocad object! Very exciting and I can’t wait to try this one out.

autocad convert pdf linework
Import PDF into a .dwg


So those are the new features being added into AutoCAD 2017, there are also a couple dozen other enhancements and tweaks to existing features and many of them look to be useful too.
Since AutoCAD has moved to a subscription based model, there really isn’t a reason not to upgrade with each new release but even if it was the old system and you had to buy a new version, I think I would still be getting Autocad 2017 just for the pdf import features.

If you’re on the fence, or just want to test out the new features you can get a free trial download of AutoCAD 2017 right here: AutoDesk Autocad 2017 Trial link:
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Let me know what you think about the new features for 2017 and what you’d like to see added in the future in the comments below or hit me up on twitter @cadintentions.


In case you missed my last video tutorial check it out here: How to Create New Layouts Quickly



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