8 AutoCAD Sites and Resources I Read and Why You’ll Want to as Well

I’ve been meaning to write a round-up post of a few of my favorite AutoCAD Sites and Resources for a while now but seem to have suffered from a bad case of procrastination for far too long. So when I was making a list of posts I want to write this month this one finally got moved to the top.

There are literally hundreds and possibly even thousands of AutoCAD related sites on the web right now and narrowing it down to a best of list would be impossible. I quickly decided to go a different route with my selections today and simply flipped through my bookmarks and favorites list and picked out 8 sites. These sites give a cutaway look at some of the most helpful resources for new and advanced AutoCAD designers and drafters looking to keep up to date with CAD and the skills needed to excel in our industry.

Without further ado here are my top 8:

1. The CAD Block Exchange Network: A great place to find those hard to come by autocad blocks. The website is based upon a free exchange method where you can upload your cad blocks for others to use and in turn download other cad users blocks for your use. While I don’t use the site very often, when I do happen to need a block I check out the Block exchange first and can usually find something I can use.

2. CAD Corner Canada: CAD Corner is an awesome resource of cad tutorials, tips and downloads. The downloads include a wide variety of useful lisp routines, blocks and hatches. It is definitely worth visiting and I recommend it highly.

3. CAD Tutor Forums: The forums over at Cad Tutor dot net are easily at the top of a short list for great help from fellow cadders. The forum has separate topics and threads for almost any question you could have and in the off chance they don’t you can easily post your question for free. There are a lot of active and very knowledgeable users there to help you out and it is a very friendly environment. Just remember, as with any forum, make sure you search for any existing answers to your problems in the forum before starting a new thread.

4. Cad Forums.net: The CAD Forums dot net forums are another great and very active place to ask your questions and give others help. It is sometimes very useful to stay active in forums like both of these not only for the great advice and quick help to most problem but also to keep active in a community setting. Being a cadder can be a very lonely and singular profession especially if you follow a path like mine and opt for freelance work over an office setting. Making friends and meeting collegues can be a massive boost in moral and productivity in the long run.

5. Online Conversion: This website can be a lifesaver when working with information from varying countries or regions. Many of your future clients could be using a variety of measurements/units and if you ever need a quick conversion simply keep this online conversion site bookmarked and check it out as needed.

6. Lynn Allen’s Blog: Lynns Blog is easily one of the best AutoCAD Blogs on the internet. She regularly updates the blog with very well written posts covering all things AutoCAD. It’s a must read to keep up to date with new features, news and tips to make you a better drafter. Don’t forget to bookmark this one and check it regularly, and follow Lynn on twitter for even more updates.

7. The Lazy Drafter: A very cool blog with great tips and tricks to help save you time and truly master being a lazy drafter;) The Blog is beautifully laid out (I’ve always had a thing for green and grey themes) and updated pretty regularly as well as being well written. This is another blog to check out on the regular.

8. Between the Lines: Another great blog for drafters, written by an autodesk staffer. Definitely worth checking out for the variety of news, information and greaty tips and tutorials. I like this blog and enjoy reading it to keep up to date with all this AutoCAD.


Now that you’ve hopefully learned of a few new resources and bookmarked them for your self, let me know what site or resource you would recommend to me in the comments:)

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