Plex-Earth 5D: Taking the guesswork out of civil design

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Today I wanted to share an update from our friends over at Plex-Earth!

I’ve previously demoed their software as well as written about them on the blog, here, here, and here. And in case you missed it in last week’s email or at AU 2021, we got a brand new update and new launch from them as they announced the release of PLEX-Earth 5D.

So, in celebration of their new release of “Plex.Earth 5D”  which includes new features, updates, and optimization as well as a thank you for always reading and supporting CADIntentions, we are giving away five – 5 Month Licenses for the new Plex.Earth 5 software (along with $100 of imagery credits)!

Enter to win now here

If you haven’t seen Plex-Earth before, I highly recommend trying it out if you ever have the need or use of Aerial/Satellite imagery in your projects, drawings or day-to-day workflows.

With their feature timeviews along with up-to-date imagery from providers like Airbus, Maxar, Nearmap, Hexagon, and Google. Plex-Earth makes is easy to constantly update our designs and drawings based on the changing conditions of a project/site based on up-to-date high-quality Aerial and Satellite images.

I’ve made a video in the past showing the general workflow of their previous version of the software here:
And I look forward to making a new video soon testing out version 5!

More info from the Plex-Earth 5D Press Release:

Plex-Earth 5D: Plexscape launches new platform during Autodesk University 2021 – Taking the guesswork out of civil design

Plexscape, developers of Plex-Earth, a full-blown popular platform for AutoCAD that brings the world’s largest aerial and satellite imagery providers under a single umbrella, participates again in this year’s Autodesk University as a premier sponsor.

Plexscape will be officially launching Plex-Earth 5D, its latest most powerful version during Autodesk University, as it is the year’s biggest event for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry.

In today’s rapidly changing world, on-demand access to aerial/satellite imagery and terrain data from the very early design stages is becoming increasingly important in AEC.

Plex-Earth 5D brings engineers a bird’s eye view of their job sites through recent, historical, high-quality imagery and terrain data from top providers like Airbus, Maxar, Nearmap, Hexagon and Google right inside their AutoCAD designs.

The easy and fast access to such data gives AEC professionals the necessary insights to make the right decisions and avoid critical mistakes, especially during the conceptual and preliminary stages of their projects, where the most important decisions are usually being made. With Plex-Earth 5D, engineers can even export then visualize their designs in Google Earth.

Timeviews is one of the new version’s powerful features: through the vast historical databases of Maxar and Airbus businesses of any size can monitor their projects progress and those of the competition, detect risks of natural hazards or measure the exact impact of natural disasters on their area of interest.

“The increasing frequency of natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, blizzards and wildfires, many of them linked to climate change, set new challenges for the AEC industry as a whole. Plex-Earth 5D is a powerful tool to the hands of engineers offering them a wealth of information for assessment, analysis and monitoring of such extreme events through premium imagery and terrain without even leaving the office” said Lambros Kaliakatsos, Plexscape founder & CEO.

The brand new Plex-Earth, creates a game-changing business model to the global commercial imaging market: Individual engineers, small or large businesses can all leverage the powerful of high-quality data, through a variety of affordable Plex-Earth subscriptions without the need to seek individual companies and commit to large contracts. A fully-functional free trial of Plex-Earth 5D is available at


That’s all for today’s update, I hope you all were able to take something away from it and if you’re in an industry that would benefit from up-to-date imagery in your AutoCAD drawings I highly recommend checking out Plex-Earth Now.

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