AutoCAD Tutorial: How to Join Lines using the pedit command

If you’ve ever needed to combine your individual line work in autocad then chances are you used or at least needed to use the ‘pedit’ command.

  • The process is fairly simple.
  • Type in ‘pedit’
  • Hit enter
  • Use ‘m’ enter to select multiple line segments
  • Select all the lines you would like to join
  • and hit enter to (y) to convert your lines to polylines if necessary
  • This brings us to the pedit prompt where you can select options like close, join, width and a few others.
  • To join our lines we’re going to type in ‘J’ then enter to activate the join command.
  • Now we can choose a fuzz distance (this refers to the gap between any line ends that may not be touching exactly)
  • Hit enter to join your lines!
  • Another enter or space will end the command. We’ve now joined our separate line segments into a single polyline or polygon.

To view the whole process along with multiple examples and an easy to follow walk through just watch the video below:)


I really hope I was able to help you out and fully explain the joining process for you in the video, but if you have any questions left at all, please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments below .

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