How to Move objects from Paperspace to Model Space or Vise-Versa

In this autocad tutorial video I’ll show you how to move an object or text object from layout space to the model space, or in other words from one tab to another using chspace, the change space command.

This command is really under used and can be very useful if you receive a drawing with linework on the layout tab and you need to move the viewport extents. It can come in handy so many other ways too.

I remember when I first learned the change space command, it was like a light bulb turning on.I had been dealing with a set of old drawings, updating to current standards and adding in some new information. The original drafter had made a bunch of updates and drawn new linework in the paper space/layout tab and I needed to integrate the linework into not only model space but also have it to scale so I could insert this data as an external reference in another set of drawings. It was very disappointing, when I didn’t know how I would be able to transfer all the linework and text to the model space at the correct scale.

Well chspace fixed my problem! Watch the video below to see how to use it:


What do you think about the change space command, let me know in the comments below:)



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