Course Announcement: Xrefs, Annotative Text, Sheets Sets.. How do they work??

Hey Guy and Gals!

If you are subscribed to the newsletter then you may have already heard that I am almost finished making my first AutoCAD course “Create Better CAD Drawings”. If not then I guess you know now haha, I’m writing this as an updated on its progress as well as an overview of what’s covered in it.

First up, what is going to be covered in the course?

The course is broken up into easy to follow modules, covering a range of some of Autocads more advanced techniques and skills.

In the course you will learn about:

  • Sheet Sets – Creating sheet sets, customizing them, automating title blocks using sheet set fields, importing exisitng drawings into them, and more…
  • Annotative Text – This is one of the most requested topics I have had on my videos and blog. I will cover in depth, how to use Annotative text, creating an Annotative Text style, adding custom scales, incorporating it into your layouts/viewports and everything in between
  • External References – I go over how to add various file types to your drawing as xrefs, how to find out if a drawing you’ve been sent contains xrefs, and if so how to fix and remap broken references, how to clean up and modifiy xrefs using layers and editing as well as how to quickly create xrefs of your own.


More topics that will be covered include creating Layout and Paperspaces that are always consistent and look great, using multiple viewports, custom fields, and making professional looking drawings every time. I’ll also go through the creating a drawing from start to finish in a complete workflow tutorial.


If everything I’ve outlined so far sounds like a perfect fit for you:
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Not sure about the course? Keep Reading

Who is this course for?

The CBCD (Create Better CAD Drawings) course is for any drafter, designer, or engineer who wants to step up their AutoCAD Skills quickly and easily.

In a very short time I will teach you best practices and workflows that will save you hours of drafting time. You will learn how to properly use AutoCADs more advanced and often under used features and commands like Sheet Sets and Annotative Text.

If you have the basic Autocad skills down and are looking to advance your career and knowledge in CAD then this course will be a perfect fit!

Who is this course Not for?

If you are still a very new beginner to CAD (if you have just started learning and don’t know what an xref is, or haven’t begun producing any drawings yet) this course might be too advanced for you and my other tutorials on my youtube channel might be a better place to start. But you are welcome to ask me first and explains your situation and I can help point you in the right direction:)


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As always, thank you so much for reading and being awesome in general.

Cheers and Happy Drafting!


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