Dobot Mooz-3 3D Printer with Colour Mixing – Unboxing, Setup and First Tests! – Coffee Break Ep#9

Hey Everybody,

Brandon here and I am back with my first post of 2020 even though this post should have been on here in 2019 but I’ll get to that later. Welcome back to the blog and I hope you’ve had a great start to the new year and are enjoying some mild and fun winter weather!

Since it’s been a little while since I’ve posted and in particular, even longer since I’ve posted any updates to the Coffee Break Series on the blog I wanted to do a quick recap and update before we get to today’s post. So as I mentioned, today’s post and video are part of a series of videos I’ve been doing on the Blog and Channel called Coffee Break! In each Episode (post) I highlight, showcase or just discuss a product, gadget, technology etc.. from the perspective of a designer/engineer and how new technology can help us in our day to day work and life. If you haven’t seen an episode yet be sure to check them out and catch up on the playlist here on my channel:

So, after initially launching the series and posting each video on the blog here for the first 3 episodes, for some reason I forgot to continue posting the updates on the blog, as I mentioned earlier, it’s been a while now and I already have 10 episodes in the series. So today will be my catch up post and I hope you’ll click that link above and check out the previous episodes if you like today’s post.

Now let’s get to today’s episode (#9), in it, I showcase and highlight a really cool technology that I’ve had on my want list for a very long time now and with the support and help of Dobot, I was finally able to make this video. In Coffee Break Episode #9, we take a look at the Dobot Mooz-3 3d multi colour printer.

In the episode I walk through the initial unboxing as well as the setup and installation of the printer, I was pleasantly surprised at just how little time and effort was needed to get the printer running. And after the initial setup, I was able to run through the process of downloading and setting up/slicing some text 3d files for my kids as the initial plots on the printer.

I really hope you’ll check out the video and be sure to let me know what you think and certainly let me know what type of products, gear and tech you’d like to see in upcoming episodes!

For more info on the 3D printer I used (Dobot Mooz-3) check it out here:

Amazon Link:


Their are a ton of great resources and sources for info and 3D files on the web, a few that I’ve liked and you should definitely check out are:


That’s all for todays post, I hope you all will follow along with my future posts and coffee break episodes and if you haven’t seen them all, be sure to catch up here with the Coffee Break Playlist.

I’ll also be sure to keep up to date on future posts here on the blog and let you know as new episodes come out:)

As always, thank you so much for reading and watching, I am super excited to be back and posting regularly on the blog and hope you all will follow along.

Cheers and happy drafting!

Just in case you haven’t checked them out yet, I have AutoCAD templates/title blocks available for download here: so let me know if you take a look and what you think!

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