Why I Ordered the Tesla CyberTruck and How I plan to get it for Free! – Coffee Break Ep#10

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Welcome back to the blog and thank you for stopping in! If you caught my post from earlier in the week (Coffee Break #9 – The Dobot Mooz-3 3D Printer) you might remember I mentioned that I had let myself fall behind on my blog posts towards the end of 2019. One of my goals for CAD Intentions, both for the Youtube channel and more so for the Blog is to get back to consistently posting and creating content for you, my awesome readers/viewers! This means that I’ll be continuing my Tuesday tips posts in collaboration with the AutoCAD Blog and posting those as often as I can, but it also means I’ll be starting up my Coffee Break Series as well as posting about general Tech, Design and CAD-related news, topic and things that interest me.

This leads me into today’s Coffee Break Episode, which also fits into a few of those other categories including tech and design! Before heading on a Christmas break I posted a video to the Youtube channel talking about why I pre-ordered the Tesla CyberTruck along with highlighting some of the key features, specs and benefits that lead me to my decision.

I wanted to share this video here on the blog as well as dive a bit more into the details of how I plan to get the CyberTruck for ” Free ” by having my youtube channel pay for it!

Here is the video and be sure to keep reading after for my thoughts on the Cyber Truck after a month and my initial plan to get youtube to pay for it.


Alright, so now that it’s been over a month (probably closer to 2) since I pre-ordered the truck I wanted to give a quick update. Here it is… I’m even more excited now than I was when I placed my order! Honestly, the more I see pictures and even memes around the internet of the Truck the more I’ve come to really love the Blade Runner/Delorian styling, I know many people don’t like it and that’s fine, it seems like a lot of people think that real “truck” people won’t buy into the odd styling, or even accept that an electric truck could replace their Diesel/Gas rigs.
Well, I think that’s stupid, I would consider myself a truck person and a mechanically inclined driver, I use my truck for towing regularly for my travel trailer and boat, for yard work, construction projects and to get into job/mine sites for work. I’ve also personally re-built engines and even completely replaced the engine in my truck (a 2008 Ford) which not many “truck” people can say they’ve done. And yet, I will be first in line to replace my truck with the Cyber Truck and can only hope I’m the first or one of the first to get one in my Town! With the current specs for the 2 and 3 motor, the Cyber Truck will meet my needs for towing and capacity while still allowing me to make the switch to an electric vehicle in the near future and I can’t wait.

I mentioned in the video and earlier in this post that my plan (and deal with my Wife;) ) is to not use any money out of pocket that isn’t already spent on my Truck for my Cyber Truck. In order to do this, I will be focusing on growing my blog and youtube channel to produce enough passive income to cover the payments of the Cyber Truck.

While we don’t yet know the exact costs yet, for planning purposes I am going to assume approximately a $650 USD monthly payment for the Truck, In Elon’s announcement I think they mentioned around $500 but to be safe I’ll start with a higher goal. After doing some rough math based on youtube views/subscribers and my average CPMs I believe that if I can get the channel to 40,000 subscribers (currently at 22,000) by the time the trucks are ready that I will safely be making more than $650/mth passively from the blog/Channel combined. I know this doesn’t get too much into specifics but with growth of that size, between the blog views and youtube views, I feel it should be a conservative goal and achievable for myself. Luckily these numbers also have a safety net built-in, since I will be able to eliminate my current gas bill for my truck each month which is considerably higher than the cost of electricity here where I live in Canada.

Hopefully, this hasn’t been too rambly of a post for you and I really hope that you’ll join along for the ride as I work towards this goal of not only upgrading a truck and piece of tech but moving towards a more sustainable future for ‘truck’ people and the vehicle industry as a whole. Let’s get there together and please, if you haven’t already subscribed to the channel, join over 22,000 other CAD, design and tech enthusiasts by subscribing and hitting that little bell for notifications when I post a new video!!
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That’s all for today’s post, I hope you all will follow along with my adventure and keep up with my progress as we go.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering the Cyber Truck or any Tesla, use my referral code for some free supercharging:
My Tesla Referal Link: http://cadintentions.com/cybertruck
And for more info on the CyberTruck: https://www.tesla.com/en_ca/cybertruck

I’ll post updates here on the blog and let you know as new episodes come out:)

As always, thank you so much for reading and watching, I am super excited to be back and posting regularly on the blog and hope you all will follow along.

Cheers and happy drafting!

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