4 Benefits of Moving to a Cloud Based CAD Software!

This past year has seen a lot of change in the way we work as designers. Some of us have transitioned to fully remote positions like myself, while many are working on a hybrid Office/Home schedule and even fewer it seems, have returned to the office full time. Regardless of working location, one of the best things to come from the last few years of online collaboration, remote work, and advances in software for CAD Design are our options for Cloud-Based CAD software.

Over the last few months, I’ve had the chance to really get to use and learn about Onshape, a browser-based 3d modelling software. I’m excited to share my thoughts and in particular, some of the biggest benefits of making the switch to online design software whether it’s Onshape or any of the browser-based CAD options out there.

If you haven’t already checked out my recent videos on learning Onshape, be sure to watch them here to see what all the hype is about (Onshape Modeling Tutorial)

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4 Benefits of Moving to a Cloud-Based CAD Software:

1: No Install or Setup Time

One of the first things that stands out when using browser-based software is just how easy it is to get up and running. Simply open a browser on practically any device and just log in to the website to get started.

There are literally no install or wait times and I’ve found myself using different devices based on my location and how I’m feeling that day. This makes software like Onshape perfect for remote designers since we can log in from anywhere without having to worry about annoying VPN servers, lugging around workstations, or network licenses.


2: Simple & Streamlined Collaboration

Perhaps the biggest change from traditional desktop-based CAD software is the fact that our files are stored in the cloud. This makes collaboration, sharing, and review of files much more streamlined and simple. Simply sharing a link/filling out a sharing form allows colleagues and clients to view, edit and review our models instantly and while we are still able to work on them.

This completely eliminates issues like software compatibility when sharing files as well as common things like broken references and links within the model files after sending them for review or additional work to be done on them.

By working on the cloud collaboration is a breeze with instant live updates and the ability to have multiple users working on the same models simultaneously.


3. Minimal Hardware & Cost Requirements

I know many software decisions ultimately come down to cost. This is especially true for smaller firms, freelancers, and hobbyists. Don’t worry though, since making the switch to cloud-based software will likely save you money. Since the heavy lifting is being done by the software servers like Onshapes, the need for high-end workstation Laptops with expensive GPUs is no longer there. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by just how well Onshape has run and worked for me regardless of the hardware I log in on.

In addition to being able to use basically any laptop, tablet, or even phone, we also no longer require the expense and upkeep of a modeling file server, all of our models are stored on the cloud automatically for us. Further reducing the costs required to get up and running with a truly powerful CAD modeling software.



4. Increased Security and Peace of Mind

Having all of our models stored on a cloud server provides quite a few benefits over the traditional methods of saving files locally when working remotely or needing to use a VPN to access a server. VPN access can be difficult to get set up while working remotely and can be slow depending on file sizes and internal traffic.

Plus, the added peace of mind that if your laptop or device is lost, broken, or stolen, all of your files and projects will be safe and instantly accessible after logging in on a new device. Imagine losing a laptop while working remotely in another city or country and being able to simply log in on another laptop and continue working minutes later. No time-consuming setup, installation, or networking. Just internet access and a sign-in account.

I’ve found this to be one of my favorite features and benefits of Onshape these last few months. I’ve even logged in while camping on a new laptop with only my cellphone as a wi-fi hotspot.











I hope you enjoyed my overview of just a few of the benefits and features of Onshape and any Cloud-Based CAD Software. If you’d like to learn even more including a walkthrough of learning Onshape be sure to check out one of my Videos here:

 That’s all for today’s post, as always thank you all so much for reading, and let me know in the comments what you think of Cloud/Browser Base CAD Software?

Lastly, I wanted to Thank Onshape again for sponsoring this post and helping to support the content I make here!!
Don’t forget to check them out and get a free Pro Onshape Trial here: https://onshape.pro/cadintentions


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